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Benefits of FootZonology for Our Physical Body and Movement

  • Do you have an ache between your shoulder blades that will not go away?

  • Are you experiencing deep gut and hip pain while trail running in the mountains?

  • Are you experiencing a tight and locked up neck that is causing headaches?

  • Or are you that person grinding away at work every day feeling yourself tense, irritable, tired and physically exhausted?

If any of these scenarios sound like your situation, FootZonology could greatly benefit you.

Footzoning is a holistic approach to assisting the body through its healing processes. This hands-on approach utilizing the signals in the feet brings our body and its systems back in to alignment and back to its homeostatic state. One of the great benefits of footzoning, is to clean the waste out of the body. Some of this waste can deposited in the muscles, tissues and bone structure. This deposited waste can cause weakness, pain, lack of range of motion, lack of oxygen and dysfunction in our physical body.

“If an area is ischemic for an extended period of time, impaired metabolism and waste removal can begin to build up considerable amounts of toxic chemicals, enough to poison and weaken all of the cells in the area. Toxic wastes can actually kill individual cells, and when this happens their spaces are filled by scar tissue, which accumulates fibrosis, connective tissue deposits that can permanently limit stretch and movement in local areas.” – Job's Body

Because footzoning can remove waste from the muscles, tissues and bone structure, it can help strengthen our tissue and increase range of motion in the joints and muscles. Footzoning increases circulation, decreases muscle tension, helps break down scar tissues, aligns our bone structure and significantly decreases pain. In return, this can improve hormone production and energy levels, creating better sleep patterns to give your body a systemic feeling of energy balance.

written by Tristin Lowe-Town

Tristin Lowe-Town has been practicing structural integrative massage for seven years and has been a Footzoner for the past three years. She founded Belgrade Wellness Collaboration and runs Intrinsic Touch MT out of her wellness center in Belgrade, Montana. You can find her at and on Instagram @intrinsictouchmt

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