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The science of phototherapy, which has been around for about 100 years, uses light to improve the health of the body. Approximately 2,000 years ago, the ancient Greeks had a center for studying the effects of different colored lights on the body. Ancient Egyptians, who promoted health by focusing sunlight through colored glass on certain areas of the body, understood this concept. (

Lifewave has developed an amazingly simple to use product that activates biochemical changes in the body. When placing a Lifewave patch on an acupuncture point, the patch traps the infrared light from the body, which then stimulates the nerves on the surface of the skin causing different biochemical and physiological changes to produce specific health benefits.

Even though the suggested placement of the patches are on the acupuncture points; myself, family members and friends have had great success in using them directly on areas of concern. I do need to suggest that you stay hydrated while wearing a patch, I find that if I am not I will get a headache. Another side effect I have noticed in myself and also my father is the adhesive on the patch can irritate sensitive skin. When this has happened to me I spray Witch Hazel Hydrosol right on and around the patch, my skin is now accepting the adhesive without irritation.

Stem cell injections can cost anywhere from $5,000 - $50,000. I have heard people complain about the price of the Lifewave patches, but they are a steal if you compare them to the stem cell alternative. An envelope of 30 patches is $99.95 + tax and shipping. You can get them for a better price if you order a 20 pack.

Lifewave offers a few different types of patches. I have personally tried all of the patches, but the ones I have noticed a difference with are the X39 (stem cell) and the energy enhancer patches. The days I have worn the energy enhancer patches I have risen early to go to the gym. Normally on my gym days I have to have a 20 minute power nap around 3 in the afternoon to get my second wind. On the days I have worn the energy enhancer patches I realized in the evening that I didn’t feel the need for a nap. I am also experimenting with the Alavida patches that stimulate skin health. My plan is to turn back the clock (haha), or at least halt it in its tracks. Kristi Call

I’d like to share with you some experiences others have had:

I learned about the Life Wave patches at the October, AFZPA conference in 2019, when Christine Miner came to the conference and told us about the patches. I purchased the X39 patches and thought I would give them a try. I did not feel any immediate changes in my body with the patch. I thought, okay I would wear them for 90 days before I made my final judgement. As days and weeks went by, I begin to notice I was not as stiff when I got up in the morning. Christmas Day was the turning point for me. Every year my husband and I would make the rounds to see all our children and grandchildren throughout the day. We had a very busy day visiting, watching grandchildren open gifts, and eating at every stop. It was 5:00 p.m. and we were going to our daughter’s home for dinner when I became so stiff and sore I could hardly walk! I realized I had not put on a patch that morning. I immediately put on a patch, I kid you not, by the time I got into the car to leave I was pain free! This experience made me realize how much the X39 patches were helping me. In 2008, I was in a horrible ATV accident. I shattered by right wrist and arm and had a severe brain concussion. I have noticed the X39 patch has made my wrist and arm not hurt all the time and my scare has lightened significancy.

My daughter was in a car accident 25 plus years ago. She injured her rotator cuff in the accident. Her arm has hurt her for years. When she put on her first X39 patch, her arm did not hurt. She had immediate results. She is a believer. - Christine Andrews Approximately 10 years ago I broke the lower knuckle on my big toe. It didn’t heal correctly and is now quite a bit larger than the other foot with little mobility and occasional pain. This past summer, for no reason that I am aware of, it started hurting so intensely that I was considering using crutches. After more than 24 hours of limping around it was suggested that I try a patch right on my knuckle. I complied and was pain free in a short amount of time. I continued to use a patch daily for the next 2 weeks and was able to regain some of my lost mobility. I have not put a patch on my knuckle for at least 6 month and am still pain free and have kept my regained mobility. -Spencer While playing an intense game of basketball I pulled the muscle in my groin/inner thigh area. It was very stiff and painful for 48 hours and worsened as the days went on. On the third day I put an X39 patch on the most painful area and went to work. I had a job that day that required a lot of kneeling and standing up and down. I was prepared for my injury to be extremely painful that evening, but was pleasantly surprised that night when I was pain free and had my flexibility back. -Anonymous I am a 76 year old man that doesn’t heal very quickly anymore. I have had a terrible pain in my shoulder for so long that I can’t remember when it wasn’t there. My daughter suggested I try an X39 patch right where my shoulder hurt the worst. I was willing to try anything. My pain is now completely gone and can’t wait to try one on my back next. -Steve I have been using the X39 patches inconsistency for about 2 years. When I started them I didn’t have any noticeable problems in my body. I was using them just to see if I noticed a difference when one was on. The first time I applied one to the base of my neck, as suggested, I felt a relaxation travel through my body, so I knew that there was something to this technology. Recently I have had a tooth that I have been worried about. It has been very sensitive to heat and the root will randomly just start to ache. I started to use the X39 patch on the base of my neck daily. I noticed a difference on the first day. I was still having sensitivity issues, but they had decreased. It took about 2 weeks and I was no longer having pain in that tooth. I am still wearing a patch about 3-4 times a week to continue the healing of the tooth’s root. One other thing I have noticed is that it seems I have a new crop of hair growing in. My beautician noticed it also. I feel so blessed to have been introduced to the Lifewave products. -Kristi I am a 21 year young man who was having gallbladder pain. When my mother-in-law zoned me she was worried about saving it because it was so inflamed and non responsive. She had me put a patch on my gallbladder point every day. On the days I wore one I felt so much better, and then I would skip a day in hopes on making my patches longer, but would have pain again. After wearing the patches for about a week I was zoned again and was told that my gallbladder was now responding to the treatment. -Anderson I have a knee that is so painful that I have to rest it too often for my liking. I was told I need to have a knee replacement, but just have not felt good about it. I was introduced to the stem cell patches and was excited to try it to see what it could do for me. Well, my knee was feeling so good that I went for a mile walk, which I regretted later because I pushed it too soon. But I now have hope that there is another way to heal my knee without getting surgery. -Anonymous I have been a medical mystery! I have been so tired and experiencing anxiety that I am not functioning. By dinner time I am done for the day and have to go to bed and can’t even seem to carry on a conversation with my children. Whenever I would get zoned I would feel better for a while and then go back to my new normal. One day, after my zone, I was given an X39 patch to try. I was amazed by the results. My kids even commented on how happy and energetic I was all night. I think the combination of a zone and a patch was the best I’ve felt in a long time. -Jackie About 30 years ago I was in a sky diving accident which resulted in a broken ankle and my leg bone was crushed. The patches have decreased the soreness swelling in both my leg and ankle. - Darrow I received a package of aeon Lifewave patches as a gift to try and see if they would help with my anxiety. At first, I was really skeptical as it sounded too easy. However after about 4 days of using them, I noticed a difference. I was calmer, could think more clearly and even my sleep improved. I also noticed I wasn’t as bloated and overall I felt better. I would 100% recommend the patches to anyone who is looking for a more natural way to reduce anxiety. -Sarah

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