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To Juice or Not To Juice

What's all the hype about juicing?

Why should you juice?

The juice of fruits and vegetables are the life blood of the plant. It is full of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and enzymes. Fresh pressed juice is easy for the body to assimilate. You don't need to use very much energy to process, digest, and absorb it. These are reasons that juicing is a part of most every healing regimen, especially for cancer.

In today's world, we are constantly trying to defend from and neutralize toxins, detox, and keep ourselves grounded. It's a full-on assault everywhere we turn. Juices are a great way to fight on all fronts. It's especially helpful in alkalinizing the body and fighting against acidity.

Is juicing for health a new concept?

This is NOT a new concept actually. There are some really great sources of information from people that have used juicing to heal all sorts of diseases, symptoms, and conditions.

A few to look up are:

Joe Cross made a great documentary about himself going through a juice fast trying to heal several health issues. Well worth the watch! You can watch the trailer here:

What about the fiber?

This article isn't a debate about smoothies vs juices. Both have their place in health and healing journeys. Both are healthy. Both are beneficial. Smoothies are great. But due to the mega nutrition from fresh pressed juices, the minimal energy exerted by the body to incorporate them, and the abundance of live food, the issue of fiber is not necessarily important. Juices deliver and they deliver very, very quickly.

Fiber also comes into play when discussing whole food vs juicing. The simple fact is you can't eat the amount of whole foods that make up large fresh juices. In fact, many cancer juicing protocols call for 40oz a day of carrot juice. That's a LOT of carrots! There's no way you could chew up that many carrots every day. Juicing, therefore, allows you access to the life blood of carrots without the time, energy, and endless chewing of several pounds of carrots.

Where do I start?

Get yourself a juicer - it doesn't have to be the top of line, just start where you can.

Grab a variety of fruits and vegetables - or stick to basics like carrot and apple.

Start feeding your cells today!

written by Cassi Carnes

Cassi is a Master Herbalist and FootZonology practitioner

and Instructor. She loves designing herbal tea blends and salves.

You can find her homemade products at

or @wilddaisywellness on IG and Facebook.

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