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Classes available from FootZonology Practitioners and Instructors.

Contact the teachers directly for more details or to sign up for classes. 

Molly Westergard

Make & Take Fermenting class

November 28th Tuesday 6pm


Come learn how to make your own fermented vegetables. Fermentation has a wide variety of benefits including

•great way to preserve your vegetables
•when properly made and stored they can last a couple of years in your fridge
•unlocks vital nutrients stored in your produce
•easier for the body to digest
•abundance of probiotics
•good minerals and vitamins
•prevent bad bacteria from growing and attaching to your gut
•boost your immune system
•help heal and regulate your digestion and your bowels
•build stronger bones
•decrease allergy symptoms
•boost your mental health
•Fermented foods taste amazing and are easy to make. You just need good ingredients and a little time! Come join us for a make and take fermented vegetable class and start your gut healing journey!!

Bring your own jar cost $44 2 quart jars one wide mouth one regular

We provide jars cost $50

For questions or to sign-up, email Molly:

Molly fermenting class.jpg

Danene Sherwood

FootZonology Rejuvenations Class

November 7th – May 28th weekly Tuesday night zoom class from 6:30-8:30pm


This class is for any graduated student from Nordblom Institute.  This class will take your through Book 1-8 and give added knowledge and understanding to the advanced zones, energy fields we work with in the body, along with support methods of diet, herbs, and oils.  Here you will receive support, encouragement and added confidence and knowledge with your abilities to zone.  You will also find a new zoning family network.  This course will help you re-light the fire that once burned so bright….to be excited and confident about zoning again or to simply revisit all the material, PLUS more advanced learning.  This class will also be recorded and given as a place to revisit or catch up if you happen to miss the class that night.   You will never miss a thing even if you are gone. 


Cost of this course is $750.00 and includes the e-file notes for every book along with a few instructional videos of the systems of the body.

email or call/text 505.320.9646

Studying Online
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