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FootZonology® is the science of the signal system in the feet. This is a system of signals that run from the light vessels and the light wheels which connect the four lower bodies with your personal blueprint.

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Meditation Class


ZoneBalance® is a method for correcting, balancing and renewing the body's entire cell system through a complex signal system in the feet which is connected to every cell and organ in the body. Gain an understanding of this cell system and how to create an optimum balance through the natural laws of rejuvenation.


ZoneAnalysis is a method for detecting and analyzing the current condition of the different systems in the body. Learn to see and feel disturbances in the signal system through analysis of the feet, the face, the hands, the back, the voice and behavior.

Salad with ingredients


  1. Do not diagnose

  2. Comply with State and local regulatory guidelines

  3. Do not zone intoxicated person

  4. Do not treat diseases

  5. Practice within Scope of practice

Important Rules for Balancing the Signal System

  1. Always perform a complete zoning, including all the body’s organs and cell systems.

  2. Ask how your client feels.

  3. Always begin with the right foot.

  4. Balance areas A, B and C before area D.

  5. The spinal nerves and the spinal fluid must be balanced before area D.

  6. Always balance the back in a upward direction, from the coccyx up to the atlas vertebra.

  7. Every signal area in the head must be balanced before you zone the signals for increasing the circulation to the head.

  8. You must zone the arch of the aorta before you zone the heart.

  9. Zone the heart last of all.

  10. Do not use any tools or instruments for the zoning.

  11. The client needs to sit up during the zoning.

  12. Do not zone a specific illness or disease.

  13. Give all clients a whole zoning in each session.

In ZoneBalance®, there are situations where we stay away from doing any zoning

  1. Foreign objects in the body (metal, plastic, silicone, or organ transplants)

  2. Chemotherapy (cell poisons)

  3. Radiation

  4. Recent surgery

  5. Severe nutritional deficiencies

  6. After accidents

  7. No zoning of any specific disease or illness

General Statement

We believe that the fundamental responsibilities of the FootZonology® practitioner is to promote health, facilitate healing, and alleviate suffering. The need for FootZonology® is universal. Inherent in FootZonology® is the respect for life, dignity, and the rights of all persons. The practice of FootZonology® is given a context mindful of the holistic nature of humans, understanding the body-mind-spirit. The practice of FootZonology® is unrestricted by considerations of nationality, race, creed, color, age, sex, sexual preference, politics, or social status. Given that FootZonologists practice in culturally diverse settings, professional FootZonololgy® practitioners must have an understanding of the cultural back ground of clients in order to provide culturally appropriate interventions.

FootZonology® practitioners render services to clients who can be individuals, families, groups, or communities. The client is an active participant in his/her own health care and should be included in all planning decisions.

In providing services to others, each FootZonology® practitioner has an ethical and legal and moral responsibility towards the client, co-workers, society, the environment, the practice of FootZonology®, furthering the study of FootZonology®, and to the profession of FootZonology®.

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