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Even though herbal tea is a liquid, sometimes it can be dehydrating to your body. Some teas can be hydrating if never boiled. The answer? Sun tea!

What Is Sun Tea?

Instead of boiling water for tea, you can use the sun to warm it. This is an easy way to draw nutrients out of an herb to benefit and hydrate your body. The sun provides such amazing benefits to the water, including increased vitamins & minerals and infused energy. (If you want to learn more, see this video about sun water.) We know the energy of the sun can power lights, houses, and more – so it can definitely raise your body’s energy levels!

Why Sun Tea Hydrates Instead of Dehydrates

Some herbal teas detox the body, and in doing so must be paired with intentional hydration so that the muck-muck gets flushed out of the body. These teas, although extremely beneficial when used in a healing regimen, can cause some dehydration in the body – whether they are boiled or not. Many teas also lose their benefits when the water is too hot – much like how food loses some nutrients when cooked. Some teas can be hydrating if never boiled – so, you can draw on the power of the sun!

Boiled tea is neutral to the body’s hydration. Sun tea is hydrating, due to being in the sun and in nature. It is also best if you can add a little bit of lemon or berries back into the tea to enliven it.

How To Make Sun Tea

Could it get any easier? Stick the teabag or herb into a jar or glass and set out in the sun for 3-5 hours. The longer you leave it out, the more powerful the benefits. You can add a little screen or strainer on top of the glass to keep out bugs if you wish. It is best to have the sun be able to fall directly onto the water, but if this is not possible, you can also have a lid on or set it in the window with the sun on the glass. Drink and enjoy!

My Favorite Sun Teas

Here are some of my favorite herbs to use for sun tea!

  • Cleavers – clears out the lymphatic system and kidneys, dissolves kidney stones, reduces inflammation, helps treat eczema and psoriasis

  • Rosehip – enhances any herb paired with it, high in Vitamin C, reduces inflammation, assists the immune system, supports women’s reproductive organs, cleans the blood and the lymph

  • Red clover – soothes the nervous system, helps balance hormones, improves fertility, supports the bronchial tubes, fights infections, cleans the lymphatic system

  • Calendula – antiviral, supports the immune system and the lymphatic system, aids digestion, reduces inflammation, assists the liver, mitigates radiation effects, and much more.

A Perfect Drink To Add to Your #HydrationChallenge

In the summer, sun tea is a perfect way to enjoy the benefits of herbal tea without the sweltering heat of a hot cuppa. Better yet, since sun tea is hydrating, it’s a great way to get in your ounces for the #HydrationChallenge! Sign up here to receive a Hydration Hacks freebie, plus other great tips for staying on track with your hydration!

Cheers to some sun tea!

Blessings, Amber

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