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Movement is Life!

Our emotional, physical, and mental bodies depend on movement. Movement is what keeps our bones, tendons, and ligaments strong and pliable. Movement helps our cardiovascular and lymphatic systems flow and pump to get rid of waste and bring the body nutrients. It’s an avenue to be in tune and connected in our mind, body, and spirit.

“Movement is life!” – Ida Rolf

We live in a culture where the emphasis on movement for our bodies has to be “exercise”!

Maybe you feel pressured to be grinding at the gym, get rid of all of that cellulite, lose that

weight to uphold an image for yourself? This mindset can be toxic and can lead to overuse

injuries, excessive exercise, and an unhealthy relationship with movement. What if we shifted our thinking about “exercise” and viewed it as healthy movement.

  • What can I do to move my body today?

  • What does my body deserve?

  • Do I need to get my blood pumping and get after it, or

  • Do I need to relax, stretch, and do some restorative yoga?

It is easy to be hard on ourselves that we didn’t get our “exercise in”. You didn’t get out for that long run or bike ride like you wanted to. Or maybe you didn’t make that hot yoga class, get to that core exercise video or swim enough laps? Well this is your reminder to be proud of yourself for focusing on moving your body every day and appreciating that movement can come in all forms.

Try to get out for some type of movement every day.

  • One day it could be exerting yourself in your yard gardening, removing debris, planting, building planter boxes!

  • The next it could be an easy hike along the river or a little more strenuous in the mountains.

  • If you work a desk job, try to take a nice walk during lunch or on break times.

  • Stretch on your floor at home, lay down, turn the lights down and meditate.

Let what movement your body needs call to you that day.

Remember to drink lots of water, eat high vibrational foods, breathe deeply and to move your body outside in the sun! You’ll soak up some of the warmth, activate your endocrine system and get a nice sun kissed glow!

written by Tristin Lowe-Town

Tristin Lowe-Town is a Massage Therapist, Foot/Face/Back Zoner. She founded Belgrade Wellness Collaboration and runs Intrinsic Touch MT in Belgrade, Montana. Tristin is very passionate about each of her client's well-being and loves assisting them on their health and wellness journey. You can find her at and on Instagram @intrinsictouchmt

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