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Successful Aging part 1

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Successful Aging: Reducing toxins

What is aging? What is different between an agile child, full of energy and an adult that is slower, has restricted flexibility and has aches and pains? The explanation for unpleasant aging is very simple, the conjunction of 4 interconnected factors:

  1. Accumulation of toxins

  2. Accumulation of inflammation

  3. Accumulation of disempowering thinking

  4. Nutritional deficiencies

Maintaining low toxin intake, keeping the inflammation down, empowering positive thinking and cleansing what was accumulated in the past, will make our aging process pleasant and enjoyable. This concept emerged in 1950 and became more popular in the 1980’s.

Let’s take a closer look to how we may create painful aging in our lives. We will explore today more about the first part of aging:


How do we accumulate toxins? Toxins are everywhere: in the food we eat, in the water we drink or shower with, in the air we breathe, in the skin care products we use, in the household cleaning products, within our houses as construction materials or wifi and in our gardens as pest and weeds control. It may sound discouraging, but we have solutions.

How do we reduce the toxin intake?

This step requires understanding which ingredients are toxic for us and which ones are safe. Once we learn that or we learn to hear the messages our body communicates

daily, our life can become easier.

  • Eating organic produce, non-GMO as much as we can

    • Eliminating acidic foods

  • Taking nature walks and hikes in areas with clean air

    • Exercise

  • Choosing natural organic cleaning products

    • Steaming

    • Reducing the carpet areas

    • Dusting often

How do we get rid of the toxins we already have in our bodies?

Simple methods:

  • drinking warm water with lemon first thing in the morning

  • cayenne pepper

  • drinking nettle tea or

  • even fasting a day or half a day if necessary.

  • Zeolite (ideally powder and clean) removes heavy metals and toxins from our body

  • Fulvic acid as well

Regular methods: (are great to include in our routine)

  • Exercising

  • Whole body vibration

  • Hiking

  • Swimming (in clean water)

  • Drinking the right amount of clean water daily is crucial in flushing toxins.

  • Fulvic or zeolite foot soaks or whole body soaks are very powerful in removing existent toxins from the body

Advanced methods:

  • Infrared Biomat with amethyst crystals

  • Infrared sauna

  • Cold laser

  • Energy

  • Enhancement System

  • Foot Zonology sessions

These methods should be employed initially with a low frequency to allow the body to adjust, then gradually increasing the frequency until the body is cleared from old toxins and continued for maintenance based of the exposure rate. For best success it is good to implement 2-3 new habits at a time, that we will do consistently on a daily or weekly basis until we become familiar with them and then we add other 2-3 new habits. If our situation requires a more drastic change, find a health practitioner to guide you and encourage you through the process.

Charles Eugster, 93 year old body builder, states: “Successful aging requires work, diet and exercise. The huge mental and physical potential of the aged remains unexplored. Bodies can now be rebuilt at any age and a new life started. Beauty kings and queens in the 80-year-old category or a beach body at the age of 94 are not impossible. We will all, regardless of age, have to take greater responsibility for our own health in order to confront the immense challenges confronting the human race.”

written by Ioana Grigore

Ioana is a Certified Master FootZonologist and a Wellness Coach.

She made a complete recovery from over 8 years of pain, fatigue and chronic symptoms. Ioana has been helping clients recover their health and vitality since 2012 at her wellness

studio in Los Gatos, CA and now at her wellness center in Anthem, AZ.

To learn more about how to recover your energy and vitality

contact Ioana at 650-248-0401

Empowering people toward a healthier, more harmonious and happier life!

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