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Successful Aging Part 3

Successful Aging: Disempowering thinking

To recap, the unpleasant aging is created by the conjunction of 4 factors:

1. Accumulation of toxins

2. Accumulation of inflammation

3. Accumulation of disempowering thinking

4. Nutritional deficiencies

Maintaining low toxin intake, low inflammation, a clean powerful mind/thinking patterns and cleansing what was accumulated in the past will make our golden years more pleasant and enjoyable. Also giving our body the raw nutritional material to heal itself. The concept of successful aging emerged in 1950, became more popular in the 1980’s and is improving all the time taking in consideration our modern challenges.

Today we will address factor 3: Disempowering thinking. This is a very deep subject and we can only touch the surface in this small article. For deeper understanding feel free to get in touch with me.

How do we get disempowering thinking?

There are many ways that can lead to disempowering thought patterns, for example:

  • Many TV programs and movies, media

  • Society and even school by promoting competition instead of collaboration

  • People who live their life in fear (consciously or unconsciously)

  • Experiences in our own life, emotional and/or traumatic

  • Even nutritional imbalances (which we will look at in the last part) can lead to thought patterns of lack or fear

These avenues who are putting emphasis on fear may influence our subconscious mind with ideas, beliefs and stories that are not helping us. One very popular disempowering thought pattern is the victim attitude. It is very easy to adopt it because most people are practicing it and they are not even aware of it (ex: “this person did this to me”). The older we get, the more we have been practicing these thought patterns and the farther from childlike joy we are. It slows us down because it requires a lot of energy to sustain it. For example:

a child believes everything is possible and he is energized about the infinite possibilities in his imagination. Soon we teach the child that he can’t do this, he can’t do that and the child energy is now reduced, he lost connection with the world of infinite possibilities and he can even become apathic.

How do we reduce the disempowering thinking?

  • Surrounding ourselves with positive, innovating, happy people, that love to laugh and give us a good feeling to be around them.

  • Self-awareness of our way of thinking and retraining our thought patterns.

  • Reading empowering books, watching programs and videos that redirect our thinking toward love, instead of fear, helping us move toward an attitude of gratitude.

  • Exercise, hiking, dance, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Whole Body Vibration

  • oscillatory system - increases the endorphins and reduces the cortisol levels.

  • Nature walks, grounding - reduces anxiety and stress.

  • Having a clean, organized living environment.

  • Daily routine Prayer/Meditation is a very powerful method that can help us, Foot Zonology and Face Zonology, Faster EFT (Faster Emotion Freedom Technique), The Work of Byron Katie.

  • Essential oils (Ylang Ylang, Yasmine, Siberian fir etc.) and certain healthy foods are helpful in keeping a harmonious healthy mind (raspberries, wild blueberries and other berries, adaptogen plants like Rhodiola rosea, turmeric, raw sprouted pumpkin seeds etc.) balanced levels of minerals especially Magnesium and vitamins (especially B12 natural form)

Just doing a few things consistently, on a daily or weekly basis can help us experience successful aging.

Charles Eugster, 93 years old, body builder, states:

“Successful aging requires work, diet and exercise. The huge mental and physical potential of the aged remains unexplored. Bodies can now be rebuilt at any age and a new life started. Beauty kings and queens in the 80-year-old category or a beach body at the age of 94 are not impossible. We will all, regardless of age, have to take greater responsibility for our own health in order to confront the immense challenges confronting the human race.”

Written by Ioana Grigore

Ioana is a Certified Master FootZonologist and a Wellness Coach.

She made a complete recovery from over 8 years of pain, fatigue and chronic symptoms. Ioana has been helping clients recover their health and vitality since 2012 at her wellness

studio in Los Gatos, CA and now at her wellness center in Anthem, AZ.

To learn more about how to recover your energy and vitality contact Ioana at


Empowering people toward a healthier, more harmonious and happier life!

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